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Chinese And Thai Women's Volleyball Team Asian Games Confrontation

Sep. 01, 2018

On September 1st, Beijing time, the Chinese women's volleyball team will compete with Thailand for the championship in the final of the Asian Games. In the history of the Asian Games, the Thai team has never defeated us, but in the face of the historic finals, the Chinese team must not be underestimated. Compared with South Korea's tactics around the Golden Soft King, Thailand's little fast is harder to cope with, and a little carelessness will be caught by the opponent.

Chinese And Thai Women's Volleyball Team Asian Games Confrontation

Since the Beijing Asian Games in 1990, the Chinese and Thai teams have had five confrontations in the previous Asian Games, and the Chinese women's volleyball team has remained unbeaten. In the 1990s, the overall competitiveness of the Thai team was limited. Until the rise of its "Golden Generation", it gradually became a force to be reckoned with in the Asian arena.

Compared with Thailand, the Chinese women's volleyball team has obvious advantages, but it cannot ignore the opponent's resistance. In the history of the confrontation between the Chinese and Thai teams, despite the higher winning percentage in China, the five defeats in the competition also left a painful lesson. The 1-3 loss in the final of the 2009 Asian Championships directly led to Cai Bin's class; in 2011 and 2012, he lost in the Grand Prix Finals; the 2012 Asian Cup final 1-3 lost three consecutive championships; 2013 Asian Championships The semi-final was picked up by Thailand and the coach Lang Ping was once highly criticized.

Thailand played well in this Asian Games. Even if the quarter-final injured the main attacking general Chachaon, he could still beat the enemy in South Korea in the semi-final 3-1. The hard work of the new and old players is admirable. Thailand's main lineup has been running for many years. In the face of such an experienced team, the Chinese women's volleyball team needs to be cautious and wary, and fully demonstrate the strength of the network.

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