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Asian Games Tennis Men's Doubles Indian Veteran Round Gold Medal Dream

Aug. 24, 2018

Asian Games Tennis Men's Doubles Indian Veteran Round Gold Medal Dream

Beijing time on August 24th news, 2018 Jakarta Asian Games launched a tennis men's doubles contest, the first seed of the game, Popana / Sharan swept Kazakhstan's Bubrick / Yev 6-3/6-4 Sheyev won the gold medal, and two pairs of Japanese combination island bags will be won the bronze medal with Uesugi Haidou and Ito Yuki / Ono Yu.

The 38-year-old Popana and the 32-year-old Sharan form a veteran combination. They are the top seed of the tournament. They have not met too many tests. In the semi-final they defeated the Japanese Nova Group Island Bag/Shangsu Haidou, their The opponent came from Bubrik/Yevseyev of Kazakhstan, who eliminated China's Wu Di/Li Wei on the road to promotion.

In the first set of matches, the Indian team achieved a break with a tacit cooperation, and took a lead with 4-2. Although the Kazakhstan team had the opportunity, the break point was resolved by the opponents. After that, the two men each secured the match. -3 Take the first set.

In the second set, the two sides competed fiercely. After the 2-2 battle, Bubrique/Yevseyev saved a break point, but in the 7th game they were unable to turn the tide, the top seed Popana/Sand Lan broke the deadlock to break the hair, and then led by 5-3 after the guarantee. After that, the two sides exchanged insurance, and the Indian team won the gold medal in the next set of 6-4.

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