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Skills Of Flying Rope Fishing Method

Sep. 09, 2018

Rope fishing is a popular method of fishing in the US and Europe. With the development of outdoor fishing activities, some people have started flying rope fishing, domestic Polyester Knotted Net Manufacturer have begun to produce related products a few years ago.

First, flying rope - equipment.

1, fishing rod: choose hard or medium hard adjustable flying rod, more than 2.7 meters in length, and the weight must be light. Because of the particularity of fishing method, too hard or too short fishing rod is not easy to throw, the heavier rod will feel very tired after waving.

2. Fishing line: The regular fly fishing line consists of three parts: the first part, around the bottom of the flying boat is the bottom line, its material is nylon woven line, characterized by high strength, soft, catch big fish back as a spare line. The second part, connected to the bottom line is the main line, this line must be a special line for fly fishing, so its characteristics are its own gravity, strong dehydration, conducive to throwing. The third part is the brain line, connecting below the main line, the length of about 1.5 meters, choose high-quality and high-strength transparent Fishing Nylon Rope, line diameter does not exceed 0.2 mm, while ensuring the strength of the brain line should be the thinner the better.

3. Feather hook: In fly fishing, the role of the feather hook is very critical, according to different seasons, environment and fishing species to choose different types of feather hook: for example, in spring should choose a lighter color of the hook; in midsummer should choose bright, based on insect activity. Because there are different insect activities in different seasons, choosing errors is bound to result in not catching fish.

4, choose the general flying fishing wheel, but pay attention to the fishing wheel drag device is intact.

Two, flying rope technology

1, the feather hook system: according to the size of the stream fish properly choose the hook. Take the horse mouth fish as an example, we should choose a hook with 2 and 4 long hooks and a connecting ring. Firstly, color feathers are fixed at the hook handle, 2/3 of the feathers are taken out to form an umbrella, and then colored cotton thread is used to bind the hook. The remaining 1/3 of the feathers should be fixed close to the hook body with colored cotton thread to the hook door. A small amount of 502 glue can be used to help fix the hook, and 0.5 cm feathers should be left at the end of the hook.

2. Throwing: First, release the main line twice the length of the fishing rod, one hand lifting the rod in the air slowly before and after the wave, so that the line spread, but also can remove the water on the hook; the other hand from the wheel pulled out a section of the main line side throw line, when the line thrown out a certain length should be rhythmic so that the line in the air circle, but Speed can not be speeded up. When the length of the line can meet the requirements of the fisherman, the pole holder will throw the line forward gently, and the line will slowly fall into the water.

3. Feather hook control method: usually choose the floating line as the main line, after the line into the water, one hand rod, the other hand slowly to the recovery line, while the fishing rod with pulling the line, so that the feather hook gently jump on the surface of the stream, making it look like a drowning insect struggling to death, thus playing a trapping effect. But it is not enough to hook the feathers on the water, so as not to disturb the fish. Fly fishing is very tired and very suitable for young people.

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