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Development Of Fishing Nets

Dec. 21, 2018

With the development of fish farming, fishing net wholesale has become more and more unusual, especially in coastal areas. Basically, every household has some fishing nets. Whether it is used for fishing or entertainment, it is a common thing. What is the fishing net? What kind of development process?

The fishing nets used by ancient people used coarse cloth and hemp as raw materials to make fish nets by winding. Although this type of fishing net is perishable and has poor toughness, its fishing efficiency has been greatly improved. With the development of fisheries, fishing and hunting are not just for fish, but the tools for fishing are also advancing with the times. Modern fishing nets mainly use Polyethylene Twisted Fishing Net, Nylon Monofilament Net and other raw materials for processing. It has a longer life cycle and higher fishing efficiency, and is classified by different ways of use. These nets are woven for different fishing objects, using meshes of different sizes, and meshes of different materials.

People's living standards have improved. It is no longer a very difficult thing to eat fish. The change in this is that we cannot ignore the merits of fishing nets. Therefore, fishing nets are also a symbol of the progress of human civilization.

Polyethylene Twisted Fishing Net

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