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Identification Method Of Quality Of Fishing Nets

Dec. 27, 2018

If you can't distinguish the quality of the fishnet manufacturers' Nylon Monofilament Net, you can know some relevant knowledge in advance. The following Twisted Fishing Net Supplier will introduce you to everyone:

It is possible to check the flatness, restorability and softness of the wire body by hand, and observe whether the transparency of the wire body is consistent at the light. Then the diameter and tension of the line should be measured. If the wire diameter and tension are not significantly different from the specifications of the label, the wire diameter should not exceed 10%, and the tension should not exceed 10%. This line is still acceptable. of. Then you need to touch and look at your hand to check the surface of the fishing line for any bruises and injuries. You can also pull it to see how elastic it is, whether it is aging or hard.

All we need to pay attention to is that injured, inelastic and aging nylon fishing lines are not available.

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