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About The Storage Knowledge Of Fishing Nets

Jan. 04, 2019

The Polyester Fishing Twine Suppliers told us that before storing the fishing nets, the sludge, greasy and other attachments on the fishing net should be cleaned first, and it should be remembered to dry.

The place where the fishing net is stored should be kept in air circulation, and the sunlight should not be directly exposed. If it is a small fishing net, it can be hung on the air-drying rope, but if the Customized Nylon Fishing Net is relatively large, it can be stored in a high-base, well-ventilated warehouse. Note that the fishing nets should not be placed directly on the ground. They should be bundled in wooden frames or wooden boxes that are more than 0.5 meters above the ground. However, the nets dyed by tung oil should not be bundled. They should be scattered on a higher grid. Anti-heat and self-ignition. When the weather is fine and dry, you need to open the doors and windows to let the air circulate. When it is rainy, the warehouse needs to be closed.

Whenever it rains or the hot summer season, pay special attention to the mold and net of plant fiber and mildew. It should be regularly dried in the sun, and the fishing net should not be put together with volatile items such as fertilizer, pesticide and diesel. And pay attention to insecticide and rodent control.

Customized Nylon Fishing Net

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