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Knowledge About Fishing Net Repair And Processing

Jan. 08, 2019

Ordinary fishing nets are made of nylon thread and are easily damaged when fishing. Fishing Nylon Casting Net Manufacturers say they need to be repaired afterwards.

Repairing the fishing net is a cumbersome task. After the fishing net is processed, the characteristics of the netting can be ensured, and the shortcomings of the common fishing net are easily reduced, and the water resistance is reduced while the water resistance is greatly reduced. The amount of wire used. After the ordinary fishing net is damaged, it will find that its mesh will become very loose. In this case, if we use it without fishing, it is likely that the fish will swim from the loose mesh. Therefore, we need to process the fishing nets, at least to strengthen the strength of the net, and will not loosen due to damage when fishing.

After the Nylon Fishing Twine is processed, the fishing net will increase its endurance and endurance, and its lateral force will be improved, which is about 28.89% higher than before.

Knowledge About Fishing Net Repair And Processing

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