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Nylon Fishing Net Related Knowledge

Dec. 18, 2018

The nylon nets of the Polythene Twisted Fishing Net Suppliers are still relatively durable and can be used not only for freshwater fishing, but also for seawater fishing, so they are very popular among fishermen.

Nylon mesh can be divided into three types: Nylon Monofilament Net, nylon double mesh and nylon composite mesh. A common fishing line is a nylon monofilament. When the monofilament is close to the flame, it slowly burns while melting, and has an amide smell, and the ash is a brown glass sphere. The nylon multifilament has better resilience, lighter weight, moderate softness of the mesh, and a black glass ball after burning the polyester mesh. Note that nylon multifilaments are easily confused with polyester mesh and polypropylene mesh. The appearance of the nylon composite single screen is similar to that of a nylon single screen. The multifilament is extremely thin and cannot be split, while the monofilament is thick.

The production cost of nylon mesh is higher than that of other fishing nets, and some shoddy phenomenon has appeared in the market. This requires us to distinguish clearly when purchasing.

Nylon Monofilament Net

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