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The Chinese Badminton Team Won The First Day Of The World Badminton Championships

Aug. 02, 2018

In 2018, the World Championships in Badminton continued in Nanjing. On the first day, the Chinese badminton team won no match on the whole line. The second round of the men's singles Huang Yuxiang will challenge Denmark's defending champion Ansailong. The women's singles Chen Xiaoxin, the men's doubles Han Chengyu / Zhou Yidong and the women's doubles Huang Dongping / Li Wenmei, both defeated their opponents.

Guo Yu men's singles player Huang Yuxiang, the first round against Vietnam's Fan Gaoqiang. In the first game, the two sides competed fiercely, and the score rose alternately. When Huang Yuxiang led 14-12, he was beaten by opponents by 5 points. After chasing 17 points, he lost 2 points. However, at the crucial moment of 17-19, Huang Yuxiang seized the opportunity and even Scored 4 points to reverse the next city with 21-19. In the second game, Huang Yuxiang completely opened the game. After 5-2, he scored 7 points. He continued to open the points difference to defeat the opponents in the next 21-11, so that the four men's singles of Guo Yu all passed the first round.

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