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The 2018 World Beach Volleyball Tour China Team Achieved Good Results

Aug. 04, 2018

The 2018 World Beach Volleyball Tour Russia's Anapa Station One-Star Event was held in Anapa, Russia from June 5th to 8th. There were 23 men's teams from 12 countries and 20 women's teams from 7 countries. In this competition, the three teams of the Guosha Men's Team participated in the competition, and eventually won all the gold, silver and bronze medals in the men's competition.

The 2018 World Beach Volleyball Tour China Team Achieved Good Results

In addition to China, Kazakhstan and Japan, the men's team is all from European countries and Brazil, and has certain competitiveness. However, the team carefully prepared and adjusted before the game, the three combinations played well, and all entered the semi-finals with unbeaten record. In the first semi-final, Li Xinxin/Zhou Chaowei withstood the pressure to defeat the host Russian group Golovin/Myskiv by 2-1, and made a great contribution to the country's lock-up and runner-up. In the three or four finals, the group was once again defeated by veteran Gao Peng/Li Yang. In the end, China's combination of Halik River / Wu Jiaxin, Li Xinxin / Zhou Chaowei, Gao Peng / Li Yang were awarded the top three in the competition.

The team of the competition team is carefully prepared to give full play to the team spirit, the tactics play properly, and work hard, stand out under the containment of 7 host teams occupying the home advantage, and finally win all the medals, so that the world beach volleyball stadium will rise for the first time. The five-star red flag is worthy of congratulations. It has added confidence to the team's preparations for the Indonesian Games in August and laid a good foundation for the preparations for the Tokyo Olympics.

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