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Men's Sand Platoon For Asian Games

Jul. 28, 2018

Near the Asian Games, the teams of various national brands have accelerated the pace of their preparations. Chinese sand queuing is no exception. They moved around to participate in the warm-up match, which is to save the four-year Asian Games.

This is the first time that Haiyang, Shandong Province has hosted the three-star event of the International Volleyball Beach Volleyball Tour. It is also the opportunity for the Chinese sand volleyball players who are starting to exercise at the doorstep. The strength of the team after hiring a foreign teacher is the best chance to test. In addition, sitting at home, less suffering from the boat, a relatively familiar environment, the world's high-level opponents. Earlier, Li Quanqiang, director of the China Discharge Center, said that this is an excellent opportunity for the Chinese sand platoon Asian Games.

The performance of China's sand platoon also confirmed Li Quanqiang's judgment. The combination of Harlik and Wu Jiaxin makes the black horse combination shine. Haiyang has also become a blessing for their career. For the first time, they have reached the top four of the FIVB three-star event. For the first time, they won the bronze medal battle and won a bronze medal. The progress they made is not only the progress of this combination. It is also a historic breakthrough for Chinese men's sand platoon. As a guest of the game, Li Quanqiang also witnessed in Haiyang. The growth and transformation of Harlik and Wu Jiaxin. Their performance also gives the outside world reason to expect the Asian Games in a month later, and the re-launched Chinese sand platoon will have a good performance.

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