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A Technique Of Farming Bagrid Fish In a Cage In a Reservoir

Apr. 15, 2019

A Technique Of Farming Bagrid Fish In a Cage In a Reservoir

Pe Twisted Fishing Net Supplier shares that bagricultural culture can be fed with large floating cages on large water surface or with small cages in ponds.

1. Cage Settings

Net case is made with polyethylene material and become, net mesh asks to be in commonly 2-3 centimeters, net bottom net mesh is 1.5 centimeters, net area is advisable with 12-24 square metre, box depth 2 meters. Make frame frame with board or bamboo pole, place net box inside frame, make float with the foam plastic of cylindrical body, the bottom of net box makes sink child with cobble. Put the cage into the water 1 week before the release of the fish, and let the cage wall adhere to the silkworm algae so as not to scratch the fish body. The cage is set in lakes, reservoirs and rivers where the water quality is fresh and the dissolved oxygen is high. The distance between the cages is 2-3 meters.

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2. The seedling stocking

Spring Festival begins around the fish, fish into the box with 5% concentration of salt water immersion fish body. Generally per square meter free range specifications in each tail weight of 20 grams or so of the yellow-bagrid fry 100- 150. The cage can also be appropriately matched with feeding some megalobrama megaloblensis or microscaly catechins by the Pe Twisted Fishing Net Manufacturer, which can make full use of feed and purify the cage.

3. The feeding management

The best feed for bagrid is artificial mixed feed, generally 3-4 times a day, and the feed amount is 3% to 6% of the fish weight. In daily management, the activity and feeding condition of fish should be observed to adjust feeding amount reasonably. Clean the cage once every 5-7 days to remove attachments around the cage. Always check that the cage is damaged to prevent fish from escaping.

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