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What Are The Main Categories Of Fishing Nets?

Apr. 18, 2019

What Are The Main Categories Of Fishing Nets?

Fishing Polyethylene Rope Manufacturer shares that it can be used for drift fishing, trawling, fishing for fish, bait fishing and stationary fishing. Fixed nets and cages for lakes and reservoirs or bay artificial cultivation fixed nets. Trawl nets and Seine nets are heavy nets used in Marine fisheries. Casting net is a light net for rivers and lakes.

High transparency (part of nylon mesh) and strength, good impact resistance, wear resistance, mesh size stability and softness, appropriate breaking elongation (22% ~ 25%).

The net is divided into gill net, drag net (trawl net), Seine net, net and net. It is made of single wire, double wire twist (with mesh) or single wire warp knitting (raschel, without mesh), primary heat treatment (fixed nodules), dyeing and secondary heat treatment (fixed mesh size). Mesh size of 2.5 ~ 5 cm, net rope diameter of 2 mm or so, the net weight of several tons or even dozens of tons, usually with a pair of tugboats pull separately to chase fish or by the lights of the boat to lure fish concentrate and encircle. Depending on the size and size of the fish you raise, corralling the fish in a given area will not allow them to escape. Fishing nets or become cages, fishing cages and other capture supplies manufacturing raw materials. Mesh size of 1 ~ 3 cm, rope diameter of about 0.8 mm, net weight several kilograms.

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