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What Are the Features of Takraw?

May. 19, 2018

Takraw is a highly technical project that requires special skills to handle the ball. In general, each team has 2 to 3 players. The score mainly depends on kicking the ball into the opponent's field. The opponent cannot save.

Kicking is the main action of the Takraw game. He requires that the player play at least in the midair to reach the height of the shoulder. In the Takraw ball game, players cannot use their hands. They can touch the ball with their feet, legs, shoulders and head. Players often have very difficult moves in the Takraw game to control the running of the ball. There are 3 types of games:

- Regu Event: 4 (including 1 substitute)

- Team Event: 12 (including 3 substitutes)

- Circle Game: 6 players (including 1 substitute)

- Position of the athlete: One of the three players must be the defender (responsible for serving) in the backcourt. The remaining two players are left and one is on the right.

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Takraw Net

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