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Do You Know Takraw Net?

May. 15, 2018

Takraw, a unique ancient sports program, it has a long history. Use your own ankles, knees, etc. to clamp and top the ball at the same time so that the ball does not fall to the ground. This is similar to our country's folk kick flower buds. Sepak takraw is similar to volleyball. The difference is that it is a substitute for the foot. Therefore, it is also called "kicked volleyball."

Net column requirements

1 Net posts: The net posts should be 1.55 meters above the ground and should be fixed so as to tension the net. The net column should be made of a hard material and its radius should not exceed 0.04 meters.

2 The position of the column: The column should be fixed 0.3 meters away from the edge, in line with the centerline.

Takraw Net

Requirements of Takraw Net

1 The Takraw net is made of ordinary string or nylon rope and the mesh is between 0.04m and 0.05m. The width of the net is 0.7 meters and the length must not exceed 6.11 meters. The upper and lower ends of the net need to be wrapped with tapes, each having a width of 0.05 meters so that the string can be pulled tightly around the top of the net string by the string. The upper center of the net is 1.52 meters high, and it is 1.55 meters high on both sides of the net post.

2 Marker Line: If the net is oversized, use a loose, 0.05m wide strap at both ends of the net, perpendicular to the incoming and centerlines on both sides.

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