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Badminton Shuttlecock Skill

Sep. 30, 2018

Ryukyu technology tells (take the right hand shot as an example)

Mainly divided into three steps

1. Preparation: The judgment is the first priority. After the judgment, the ball is started in the direction of the ball, the right foot is slammed forward, and moved to the hitting position, while the clapping hands are extended in the direction of the ball in front of the chest.

2. Taking action: While stretching, the left hand is naturally placed rearward, parallel with the right hand in the opposite direction to maintain body balance. The right forearm is externally rotated, the wrist is abducted, and the slap action is performed on the right front of the body.

3. Batting action: Select the hitting point to be 10 to 30 cm at the top of the net. The forearm is slightly rotated, the wrist is slightly flashed, and the racket is held by the index finger and the thumb. The force of the wrist and the finger is used to cut the bottom right bottom of the ball holder, so that the ball rotates and rolls over the net.

Other issues to be aware of

1. Before you hit the ball, you must be fully prepared. The position of the shot should be grabbed at the high position in front of the net.

2. The technical action from swing to hitting is straightforward and not too complicated. No necessary fake actions and swing shots can be omitted, directly hitting the ball, grabbing the most favorable position and time.

3. During practice, you should feel the feeling of the finger smashing the racket and cut the ball head, and use the minimum force and movement to complete the whole shot.

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