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Advantages Of The Fishing Net Line

Mar. 07, 2019

Most people know that residents in coastal areas are good at using fishing nets and fishing nets to fish for a living. With the advancement of science, this traditional civilization has been preserved as a witness to the continuation of history. Its fishing net line itself must have its advantages, so what kind of advantage can make the fishing line can be passed down to the present, is it a household name?

1. The fishing net line is generally made of monofilament. It has high strength, good flexibility, light weight and low moisture absorption. It is widely used to make all kinds of hand nets, purse nets, fixed nets and ropes.

2. The fishing net line is the earliest application in the fishing industry. It is famous for its high breaking strength and high elasticity. It is mainly used to make large trawls, purse seines, gill nets, fishing lines and ropes.

3. The fishing net wire has smooth surface, strong drainage and wear resistance, and is used as a large purse mesh material.

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