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The Three Major Categories Of Fishing Lines And Their Respective Advantages

Nov. 29, 2018

Generally speaking, there are three main materials used for fishing lines: nylon thread, carbon thread, and braided wire. The advantages of each are as follows:

 First, the Nylon Monofilament Net is mainly used in the main line and sub-line of freshwater fishing. And the main line of the line fishing for the beach fishing and freshwater throwing. However, it is extremely non-abrasion, and it is broken when it is slightly scratched. Advantages: 1. The thread is soft; 2. The knot strength is high, and the knotted knot is reliable.

Second, the carbon wire, the biggest advantage is wear-resistant, more to do the sea fishing line, and more difficult to grind the fishing line. Made of many fine carbon filaments, it also retains some of the tensile force when it is slightly scratched. Advantages: 1, wear-resistant; 2, not easy to curl.

Third, the PP Braided Net is woven with wire, wear-resistant, super high tensile value. Generally, the main line of the time wheel for fishing large fish, and the main line of the line for professional road fishing. The strong horse is the big label of the braided wire. Advantages: 1, wear-resistant; 2, ultra-high tensile force, line 1 is equivalent to 2 times tensile force of nylon or carbon wire; 3, completely non-ductive, when you are fishing in Luya, you can fully feel the movement of Luya The slight movement of the fish to bite the bait.

PP Braided Net

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