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Instructions For Use Of Fishing Nets

Feb. 12, 2019

PP Braided Net Factorys  tell us that fishing nets should be used correctly to better help us catch fish. So how should we use them?

The waters of the lower net should be selected from the areas of still water and slow water, and one by one in the order of the lower net. The Nylon Fishing Twine can't be pulled too tightly, so the fishing net should be kept loose in the water, so the fishing effect is good. After a good fishing net, you can use the bamboo pole to beat the water surface or throw a small stone to make the fish move, which has the effect of catching fish. When you see the fish hitting the net, don't rush to close the net. When the fish is wrapped up, check the net again. The interval between the net and the net is recommended to be above 1 hour or longer. When collecting the net, it should be collected in the order of the floating head. If there is a big fish online, you can dip the net first, then copy the fish and then pour out the water, which is a good way to reduce the rate of running fish.

How many fish can be captured depends on the fishing net on the one hand, and on the other hand, depending on the experience of the fisherman, the appropriate fishing net size can be selected according to the local water environment, season, fish, etc.

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