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Fishing Net Quality Identification Method

Jul. 04, 2018

PP Braided Net Factory provide some methods for quality identification of Fishing Polyester Rope, and hope to help consumers:

First, check the flatness, restorability and softness of the line body by hand. Check whether the transparency of the line body is consistent at the light. 

The diameter and tension of the second line. If the wire diameter and tension are not significantly different from the specifications of this label, the wire diameter is not more than 10%, and the tension is not more than 10%. This line is acceptable.

The third is to touch and look at the hand to check the surface of the fishing line for any bruises and injuries. The fourth pull and pull to see how flexible it is. There is no aging and hardening. Injured, inelastic and aged nylon fishing lines are not suitable.

Fishing Polyester Rope

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