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Fishing Has Also Become A High-Spending Activity

Aug. 10, 2018

In recent years, the sport of fishing has been welcomed by more and more people because of its leisure and fun, and the fishing methods are more and more diverse. Some people like to sit on the side of the small pool for a whole day, do not ask for fish to hook, but for a pleasure; some people love to drive a hundred miles, put a tent in the deep mountain reservoir or wild pond, live for three or four days, enjoy the fun of paradise; Some people are willing to buy professional equipment, go to all parts of the country to participate in fishing competitions, win rankings, and experience the thrill of winning.

Different fishing methods and spending are naturally different. For thousands of years, the evolution of fishing equipment has changed dramatically in modern times. From the original bone hooks to today, fishing rods, fishing lines, bait, floats, etc. have become more and more professional, and the cost of fishing has also increased. Not only in fishing equipment, travel expenses, participation in events, and venue fees have become the main expenses of many anglers.

Taiwan fishing was introduced to the mainland from Taiwan about 20 years ago, so it is called Taiwan fishing. This type of fishing is not only widely used in various competitions, but is also increasingly loved by many fishing friends. Taizhou fishing is typical. More professional equipment includes: fishing platform, fishing box, fishing bag, fishing umbrella, fishing rod (including fishing line, hook, float), bait and so on.

In addition to the professional equipment mentioned above, competitive players must also pay for the participation in the event. Domestic fishing competitions have also increased in recent years. The level of competition for large and small competitions is uneven, and the registration fees are different. In addition to the registration fee, players go to a place to fish and pay for their own expenses such as eating, wearing, living, using, and traveling.

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