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How To Choose The Quality Of The Fishing Net?

Jun. 27, 2018

At present, there are many types of fishing nets, which are divided into 12 major categories. If farm net cages are added, they must be divided into thirteen categories. Class above type, type above fraction. There are various kinds of fishing nets on the market, and there are as many as a few dozen, but there are several major types of production value in terms of the amount of use: trawl nets, nets, gill nets, fences, fishing tackle And breeding cages. The key materials for the manufacture of these fishing nets are: Fishing Polyethylene Rope, Polyester Raschel Knotless Nets, cable, mesh, ropes, floats, sinkers and other attachments.

Fishing net quality selection method:

First: First check the flatness, recoverability, and softness of the thread body by hand, and see if the transparency of the thread body can be divided in the light.

Second: measuring the diameter and tension of the line. If the wire diameter and pull force are not as significant as the rule of the label, the wire diameter does not exceed 10%, and the pull force does not exceed 10%. This line can still withstand.

Third: To touch and see with your hands, check the appearance of the fishing line for flaws and injuries.

Fourth: Pull and pull to see how elastic it is. Whether aging hardened. Injured, inelastic and aging nylon fishing lines should not be used.

Polyester Raschel Knotless Nets

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