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What Should Be Paid Attention To In Fishing Nets?

Jul. 11, 2018

There are many structures and essentials for aquaculture fishing Polyester Knotted Net. In practice, it is necessary to avoid fish, durable, save labor and materials, and facilitate water exchange and convenience. Polyester Knotted Net Manufacturer reminds you to pay attention to some related matters when using aquaculture fishing nets to determine the healthy growth of cultured aquatic products.

1. At the beginning, you should choose a natural aquarium with a rich aquarium, and a network of aquaculture fishing nets with a positive water flow to facilitate the settlement of the fishing nets and the exchange of water quality.

2. Choose the right cage construction and installation essentials. It includes the shape, size, display essentials and mesh spacing of aquaculture fishing nets.

3. The stocking of fish, specifications, density and polyculture ratio should be determined according to water conditions, so as to fully promote the water consumption potential.

4. It is really good to do the feeding, anti-escape, anti-disease, anti-vulnerability and other maintenance tasks, especially to adhere to the clean and maintenance of aquaculture fishing nets, to avoid mesh infarction, affecting water exchange.

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