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What Is The Standard Of Badminton Net?

Jun. 08, 2018

The standard Badminton Net should be khaki or grass green. The pillar height is 1.55 meters. Whether it is singles or doubles, the two pillars should stand on the midpoint of the sideline of the doubles venue. In the official competition, the upper center of the net must be 1.524 meters high above the ground, and the height at the ends of the net is 1.55 meters. The material of the net is a less stretchable nylon rope. The meshes are 15-20 mm square and evenly distributed. The upper edge of the net is covered by a 75 mm wide white cloth folded in half. There is no gap between the ends of the net and the pillars. And the specifications of the net used in men's and women's competitions are exactly the same.

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